Providing high quality materials to meet thermal connectivity, mobility and sustainability needs to insure power package reliability increased thermal efficiencies.


Power Semiconductor market continues to grow every year globally. Our world is in constant movement and requires new technologies to improve reliability and enhance performances for automotive, alternative energy, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial applications. Alpha is committed to the development of unique die attach and assembly products that are designed to meet the demanding applications for today and into the future for the power semiconductor industry.

Conductive Die Attach

Product Name Format Deposition Method Thermal (W/m-k) Key Features Component Type
Water Lamination Dispense Print Bare Silicon Compatibility Modulus
Paste   o   High   High SO, TO, QFN, TSSO 
Paste   o
Extreme o Mid QFN, BGA, SO, TO

Conductive Polymer

Product Name Format Deposition Method Property Application
Water Lamination Pick & Place Dispense Print Reworkable  Thermal  (W/m-k) Tg 
STAYSTIK® 571 Film o o     o Low Low Substrate, backplane attatch
STAYSTIK® 581 Film o o     o Low Mid Substrate, back plane attach

Solder paste

Product Name Material Type Deposition Method Properties Powder Size Component Type
Dispense Print Dip Halide Free Activity Tackiness Fine Pitch Capable Lead Free Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6
NCP1213 No Clean o     o Hi Hi     o       Leadframe
NCP-390 No Clean   o   o Hi Hi o o   o o o SiP/BGA
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