Features & Benefits

  • Excellent High Conductive Film Thermal Conductivity > 20 W/m-K
  • Produces high thermal and electrical conductivity silver bond with conventional die attach film processes
  • Can be laminated on wafer backside with moderate temperatures (< 80C) and pressures (< 30N)
  • Has excellent flexibility and applicable for thin power semiconductor wafer designs
  • Low stress material for small to medium size die packages (< 25mm2)
  • Compatible with Bare Si and metalized die surfaces with excellent workability across all leadframe designs
  • Can achieve uniform bond line thickness and minimum flow compared with conductive pastes
  • Lower attach and cure temperatures for exposed pad packages
  • Ultra Low voiding on small to medium size die on various leadframe / component finishes.
  • High reliability properties and able to pass MSL3 conditions
  • Compatible with either nitrogen or air cure conditions

Application Methods

  • Die Attach Film Lamination

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