Features & Benefits

  • High Hydrogen and moderate Moisture Getter material, 3.5% moisture by weight (dry)
  • Irreversible hydrogen getter absorbing H2, water and CO2
  • Low vacuum bake thermal temperature preparation & processing ( >150C for +16 hrs. to stage)
  • Film can be attached with standard RTV and processed all at one time
  • Non tacky deposit (dry) with short processing window (process in ultra low inert atmosphere)
  • Can achieve uniform bond line thickness with films ranging from 8 to 50 mils (0.200 - 0.800mm) thick
  • Thermally stable up to 250C
  • Excellent reliability properties, and able to help package / assembly  meet MIL-STD-883 & -750 requirements

Application Methods

  • Film Lamination
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