Unintended connections between solder spheres, or solder bridges, caused by warping that commonly occurs during reflow of some Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices is known as bridging.  For situations where adjusting the reflow profile or repositioning the device on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) does not overcome this defect, Alpha offers another solution.  To prevent solder bridging caused by warping, turn to ALPHA® TrueHeight™ Spacer Blocks.  They maintain a minimum standoff height under the BGA corners to stop the over-warping that leads to solder bridging.

Alpha products that help prevent bridging:

Solder Paste

Product Lead-Free SnPb Low Temp High Reliability Low Ag Water Soluble
OM-353 X   X  


Alpha Solder Alloys

Use the chart below to determine which Alpha alloy is right for you. Simply align the type of assembly being made with the appropriate alloy.

 Assembly Type
Simple, single sided, FR2 / CEM-1 laminates
Dual sided FR-4 w/ PTH's, 1.6mm thick, up to 4 inner copper layers, metallized pad finishes
Complex, up to 12 inner copper layers, OSP pad finishes, all processing in air
>2.4mm thick, >12 inner copper layers, large high heat capacity components
 SACX Plus 0807

 SAC alloys label for table
  1%+ flux solids, L0, pin testable
Flux Type
  SACX Plus 0307
    4%+ flux solids, L or M0, pin testable
 SnCX Plus 07
          4%+ flux solids, L or M0, moderately pin testable
            7%+ flux solids, L,M or H1, not pin testable
0ºC to 100ºC - standard profile cycles
0ºC to 100ºC - standard and shock profile cycles
- 25ºC to 125ºC - standard and shock profile cycles
- 45ºC to 125ºC - standard and shock profile cycles
Thermal Fatigue Resistance


Cored Wire


Liquid Solder Flux

Product Lead-Free SnPb High Reliabiltiy Low Ag Water Soluble
X X   X  
EF-6000 X X   X  
EF-6100 X X X X
EF-6103 X X X X  
EF-6850HF X   X X  
EF-8000 X X X X  
EF-8300 X X X X  
EF-8800HF X   X X  
EF-9301 X X X X  
EF-12000 X X   X  
NR-330   X      

SLS-65C   X      
WS-856   X

WS-857   X
615-25 Series   X      
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